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Personal productivity software for your Mac.

AppTime is a productivity application that measures time spent in particular programs on your Mac. It sits in your menu bar from where you can access your results, preferences, sharing options and more. Since the preferences window is where you can switch among available time scopes, it is available by a mouse click from the results window. The currently active app is displayed in bold for your convenience. You would find it anyway - it is the app which has its time counter increasing :-)

AppTime remembers all your settings including window positions and order of results table columns and their width. All settings can be reset to the state when you launched AppTime for the first time in Preferences window.

AppTime results can be printed as a PDF document or shared on social networks or by e-mail.

AppTime speaks English, German, French, Spanish and Czech at the moment. Let me know if you would like to see AppTime localized in your language. The same stands for new functionalities. I am open to ideas and looking forward to your comments. I will post most desired features here.

Should you have any concerns, find any bugs or language localizitaion mistakes (AppTime looks odd in your language), write me an e-mail please.

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Feb 18, 2016: AppTime has been rated 4 stars (out of 5) by Softpedia. You can read the full review here.

Feb 19, 2016: Some users have been experiencing a problem when launching AppTime. The operating system returns an alert "AppTime is damaged and cannot be opened. Delete AppTime and download it again from the App Store.". This is not a problem of AppTime's functionality and is related to the Mac App Store security issues. You can resolve this by deleting AppTime in the Launchpad (hold AppTime's icon for a second and then click the little "x" button) and installing it again from the Mac App Store. For the more curious about what's happening, search the internet for the alert message or read this article. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Apr 28, 2016: For the next update, to grant some of your requests, I'm playing around with results window transparency and CSV file daily (weekly/montly/yearly?) reports and export. Let me know what you think.

Aug 31, 2018: After a while :), AppTime 1.1 with the above mentioned features is being reviewed by Apple.

Sep 3, 2018: AppTime 1.1 is available on the Mac App Store. Enjoy it for free till the end of the week.

Sep 6, 2018: AppTime is the 15th top free on the Czech Mac App Store. AppTime is the 7th top free in the Czech Republic in productivity category. AppTime is the 13th top free in productivity category in China.

Sep 13, 2018: For those of you using stacked column charts in you favorite spreadsheet program, you can use this Python program to convert AppTime CSV output. Just launch it ./transpose_csv.py --help to see how it's used.

Nov 1, 2018: There's a receipt validation bug that prompts to enter your AppleID and password which always fails. A bug fix version is under review by Apple right now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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